Missing Classmates



              THESE CLASSMATES?????

We need their address, phone number and

                   email, if they have one.


Select Year of Graduation. Guest Members are listed below.
Doris Ann Anderson (Thorpe) (1962)
James Moffett Ashby (1962)
Franklin George Bauserman (1961)
Patrick Martin Brown (1961)
Barbara Ellis Cassell (Freeny) (1962)
Bonnie Gray Caton (Thomas) (1962)
Sandra Lillian Clifford (1960)
James Norris Collins, Jr (1961)
Louis David Davis (1962)
Kathleen Dinneen (Johnson) (1963)
Linda Louise Eakin (1961)
John Marshall Eicher, Jr. (1962)
Anna Mae Fewell (1962)
Doris Mildred Fewell (Stickney) (1961)
Pam Fielding (James) (1963)
Lawrence Thomas Greene (1962)
Linda Gail Harris (1960)
Kathy Howard (Friend)
Patricia Ellis Jeffries (Motley) (1961)
Michael Barclay Johnson (1960)
Belinda Kay Jones (1961)
Eileen Patricia Mahoney (Kowalski) (1962)
Michelle Donne McAndrew (1961)
Mary Lou Minter (Edwards) (1962)
Peggy Anne Moore (1962)
Stanley Alvin Moore (1962)
Harry Miller Olinger, Jr. (1962)
Richard Lee Payne (1961)
Irene Madeline Perry (1961)
Nancy Louise Rector (Riley) (1960)
Ann Hinton Richards (1962)
Eugene Douglas Roberts (1962)
Roger Lee Rutherford (1962)
Nancy Lee Ryder (1961)
Kathleen Mary Scanlan (1961)
G. Carolyn Sutherland (Norgren) (1962)
Claudie Elizabeth Tavenner (1962)
Linda Kay Toler (Clater) (1962)
Linda Lou Whitt (Payne) (1962)
Larry Wilkes (1962)
Barbara Anne Woodzell (Ebbets) (1962)
Rosemarie Elaine Zollinger (Wetsel) (1962)

Guest Members

Charles Ebbets (Friend)
Kathy Howard (Friend)
Richard Marriott (Friend)
Stan Moore (Friend)
Carol Weaver