Douglas (Pete) Conway Hume, Jr

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Douglas (Pete) Conway Hume, Jr
Class Year: 1960
Residing In: Mineral, VA USA
Spouse/Partner: Sherrie Richardson
Occupation: Logistics Manager for the US Army
Children: William Douglas "Mark" Hume, born 1965; a VPI graduate with a degree in Environmental Civil Engineering; More…lives in Manassas, VA.

Shannon Scott Hume, born 1973; a VMI graduate with a degree in Environmental Civil Engineering; currently living in Laurel, MD. He is a Major in the US Army.
Yes! Attending Reunion
Senior Statistics from the Year Book

C.A 1, 2, Treas. 3, 4; Band 1, 2, Sec. 3, Pres. 4 - All dist. 4; Drum Major 3, 4; Dramatics 1, V-P. 2; Hi-Y 3, V-P, 4: Rep. Boys State 3: Del. Miller & Rhoads Forum 1, 2, 3; Rep Model Gen. Assembly 3; Glee Club 4; Science Club 3; MEMOIR Staff 4; ECHO Staff 4; Motor Club 3; Football Mgr. 4.

Did you go to college, if so, which one?

UVA and U of MD (night school)

What was your first job / career after high school?

I worked at the Blue Ridge in sales, sporting goods and picture framing. It didn't pay much, but it was great experience in working with people! After night school, I became an Electronics Technician and worked at Goddard Space Flight Center. I continued my schooling at night during this time. Eventually, I moved back to Warrenton to work for the US Army Security Agency at Vint Hill Farms Station. I was fortunate enough to have a good career path and after 31 years, I retired in December 1996. It was a great career!

Are you retired?


Where did you meet your spouse/partner and when? When did you get married?

I knew Sherry at Warrenton High School, but we didn't start dating until I asked her out at her high school graduation party in June 1961. We got married in June 1963 at the Warrenton Presbyterian Church by Rev. Winter on one of the hottest days on record at that time :) ! It was so hot that as we kissed after being pronounced "man and wife", the fire alarm went off!

Are you married? Are you divorced? Are you a widow/widowed?

Still married to my starter wife!

Where was your first home?

Arlington, VA; at the Fairlington Apartments

Have you owned your own business? If so, what was it, where was it and a little about it.

Around town, I am known as the egg man (at my age, it's all about chicken eggs!). Keeps me living in gentile poverty (since the feed costs more than the profit realized from the egg sales!!).

Do you have any hobbies or special interests, if so, what are they?

I enjoy boating, hunting, and working until I drop!

Have you been involved in any Community Clubs or Activities, if so, which ones?

JCs; Deacon at church; FHS Falcon Athletic Booster Club

Did you have grandchildren? What are their names and ages?

Four grandchildren:
Jeremy, 19; student at Texas A&M
Rachel, 17; highschool senior

Mariana, 6; kindergarten
Isabella, 3


I have enjoyed a successful career and marriage. I have had lots of fun watching my two sons grow up, marry and have their families. I have been blessed with four wonderful grandchildren. I have been in good health which has afforded me many benefits. I have traveled all over the world, both in my career and for personal pleasure.

School Story:

We had a great Senior trip to NY city. We had lots of fun parties at Nancy Noland's house. I have fond memories of Warrenton High School. The school was so small, I knew everyone from 7th grade up. Looking back now, it helped form some lasting friendships. I wouldn't trade it for any other school!

Give brief explanation of your life for the last 50 years.
(ie special trips, careers, places you have lived, any special events in your life or your families life.
(AN AHA MOMENT!!!!!!!!)

Sherry and I have been fortunate enough to take our sons skiing in the German Alps for Christmas. We went twice and each time was a magical memory. I have traveled to Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Korea, Panama, Mexico, Canada, Hawaii, Aruba, Granada, Virgin Islands, Haiti, Argentina, and Alaska. Sherry and I built the house we still live in! Life is good!

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